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professional speaker

Good news ** 
With us you can be assured you’re getting a professional. Disc Jockey, we have the experience , hundreds of shows performed and more importantly we care. 
We spend the time to work with you to ensure that your special event turns out exactly the way you want. 
Please contact us with any questions? 

Large companies ** 

Attempt to convince you that they are  good  because they have over 30+ DJs  (Hello cookie-cutter) .

They have a high turnover and you will probably be assigned a DJ who,more than likely, 

has performed at less than 10 events. 

The family member ** 

that guy, the friend of a friend.

This person usually doesn't have the experience

to make sure that your special event receives the attention you deserve and is usually unproffesional.

Our Promise

We love Weddings, performing, music & entertaining people! Our goal is to ensure our clients & their guests have a great time! It’s important to us that the music you choose helps create & enhance the mood of the celebration. We will be in tune with your tastes and make sure you & your guests Have a good time! No matter what your musical style.

We will learn what your desires and concerns are

& deliver the perfect event.
We’ll bring our professional entertainment to you !