​Good news ** 
With us you can be assured you’re getting a professional. Disc Jockey, we have the experience , hundreds of shows performed & more importantly we care. 
We spend the time to work with you to ensure that your special event turns out exactly the way you want. 

Large companies ** 

 (Hello cookie-cutter) 

They Attempt to convince you they are good  

because they have lots of DJ's.

They've been around a long time.


They have a high turnover & you will probably be assigned a DJ 

who, more than likely, 

has performed at less than 10 events. 

The family member ** 

that guy, the friend of a friend.

This person usually doesn't have the experience

to make sure that your special event receives the attention you deserve & is usually unproffesional .

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Wedding's - Private Parties 

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We love Weddings, performing, music & entertaining! Our goal is to ensure our clients & their guests have a great time! It’s important to us that the music you choose helps create the mood of the celebration. We will be in tune with your tastes & make sure  your guests Have a good time! No matter what your musical style. We will learn what your desires & concerns are. 

We’ll bring our professional entertainment to you !

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